What happens after you have applied

Find out what happens after you have sent your application.

  1. You will receive a receipt in the Altinn inbox.
    We will send a receipt to the Altinn inbox to confirm we have received the application. The receipt will be sent to the enterprise’s inbox, not your personal inbox.
  2. We will process the application.
    Most applications are processed automatically. In that case, you will receive a reply within minutes. If we have to process the application manually, it may take up to three weeks before you receive a reply – but we will try to reply to you as soon as possible.
  3. We will send a reply to the application to the Altinn inbox.
    When the application has been processed, we will send the reply to the enterprise’s Altinn inbox.
  4. We will make the payment.
    If the application has been approved, we will automatically send the money to the account within 2 to 3 working days. The money will be sent to the account number you provided in the application.

You may make changes

If you discover that your application contains incorrect information or that information is missing, you may reapply. This also applies if something has changed after the application has been approved by the Tax Administration, and the subsidy amount for this month has been paid to you. It is the most recently submitted application that applies.

Remember to inform us of benefits you have received in the form of subsidies, support or other payments for the same month for which you applied for a subsidy. If you received such subsidies at a later date, you must send a new application and include these benefits in the new application. This could be for example benefits from NAV to compensate for loss of income, including the compensation scheme for self-employed persons and freelancers. The same applies to benefits from other subsidy schemes or insurance schemes, for example compensation to cover lost income from ticket sales and participant fees.

You have a right to appeal

If your application was denied, you may appeal within six weeks from receiving this letter.