How to appeal against a decision

A decision is the letter sent to the enterprise in Altinn when the enterprise’s application is processed. In the letter, you can read about the subsidy and any amount you may have received. You are entitled to appeal against the decision you have received.

What to include in your appeal

In your appeal, you must provide the following information:

  • Which decision you are appealing against
    Include the reference number stated under “Our reference” in the decision against which you are appealing. The reference number is found at the top of the letter to the right.
  • The reason for appealing against the decision
    Explain why you are appealing. Include all information that you think will be relevant for assessing your appeal.
  • State what changes you wish to be made.

Appeal deadline

You must submit the appeal within six weeks after you received the decision in Altinn.

If you send the appeal after the six weeks have passed, it will usually be rejected. However, in some special cases we may still process the appeal despite the late submission.

The appeal cannot be considered if more than one year has passed since the decision was made.

Send an appeal

You cannot ask questions or send clarifications.

If you have any questions that you cannot find the answers to here at, you can call us on 22 07 80 10 (from outside of Norway +47 22 07 80 10).

We cannot say exactly when your application will be processed. You will receive a notification from the Norwegian Tax Administration in your enterprise’s Altinn inbox. If you are not sure whether you are entitled to a subsidy, if you are wondering of the subsidy amount you may receive, you can calculate the subsidy amount yourself. You can also read more about drop in revenue and unavoidable fixed costs.

Log in via the ID-porten:

What will happen after you have submitted your appeal

We will consider your appeal. We will send updates on what will happen next to the enterprise’s Altinn inbox.

If we allow your appeal, we will change our decision.

If we do not allow your appeal, we will send it to be processed by the Norwegian Directorate of Taxes, which is the appellate authority. If the Directorate of Taxes allows your appeal, we will change our decision. If the Directorate of Taxes does not allow your appeal, it will be rejected and this decision is final.

Coverage of legal costs

If we allow your appeal, you may be entitled to coverage of some of the costs you incurred in connection with your appeal. If you think you are entitled to such coverage, send us a written request.