How to change information

Find out how to change or add information if you have already sent an application.

If the enterprise has already submitted an application and you discover it contained incorrect information or was incomplete, you must send a new application.

If you are receiving benefits in the form of subsidies, support or other payments for the same month for which you applied for a subsidy, you must send a new application and include these benefits in the new application. This could be for example benefits from NAV to compensate for loss of income, including the compensation scheme for self-employed persons and freelancers. The same applies to benefits from other subsidy schemes or insurance schemes, for example compensation to cover lost income from ticket sales and participant fees.

In some cases, there may be changes in the Compensation Scheme with retrospective effect that will increase the subsidy amount you may receive. The reason for this is that it may become apparent that the need for subsidies can change during the period in which the scheme is operative. This means there may be changes to the scheme. In these cases, you must also send a new application.

At all times it is the most recently submitted application that applies, and the new application will automatically replace the previously sent application. This also applies after you have received your subsidy decision. If the subsidy amount has already been paid to you, the difference will either be paid to or collected from you.

Only those who can log in to Altinn on behalf of the enterprise may submit a new application.